Each client is unique and special to us. No two clients get the exact same haircut. We spend time getting to know you so we can customize each hair cut based on your facial structure, head shape, hair texture, personality, lifestyle, and personal preferences. Working together in this way, we are able to produce a hair style that brings out the best in you.

Shampoo, Head Massage, and Hot Towel Treatment Only           $15 - $25

Haircut with Shampoo, Head Massage, Hot Towel, and Blow Out
Women Haircut – Up to Shoulder Length   $35 - $65 and up
Women Haircut– Up to Mid-back Length   $40 - $70 and up
Women Haircut– Longer than Mid-back     $45 - $75 and up
Men Haircut         $30 - $60
Youth Haircut      $30 - $60

Hair Cut with Shampoo, Head Massage, Hot Towel Treatment Only
Women Hair Cut     $30 - $55 and up
Men Hair Cut          $25 - $50 and up
Youth Hair Cut        $25 - $50 and up

Add Blow Dry to any Service     $15 - $30 and up

Professional Hair Styling
Flat Iron   $30 - $60 and up
Curl          $35 - $70 and up

Additional Charges for Above Services
Thick hair             $5
Extra thick hair   $10 and up